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Sustainability & Deblick


Deblick strives for the most sustainable operations possible when it comes to Environmental, Labour and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. To make sure we are assessed independently in order to improve ourselves and have our corporate social responsibility monitored, we have been working with Ecovadis since 2020.

Since its foundation in 2008, Deblick has been situated in the Dutch town of Eindhoven. From the very first day, Deblick has done everything in its power to minimise the environmental strain created by our company. At Deblick, we work with sustainable materials from carefully selected suppliers that care just as much about the world we live in as we do. The reuse of raw materials is a central theme in the entire production process of Deblick. This applies to both the raw materials themselves as well as the possibilities for our products once they reach the end of their lifespan. Sustainability also has a significant presence in the lifespan of our products; the longer they last, the better their CO2 footprint. Quality is always our priority.

Deblick believes that purchasing locally produced raw materials is integral to sustainable production. This way, we avoid as many unnecessary transport kilometres as possible. Material certificates and certified suppliers allow Deblick to make sure only high-quality and sustainable materials are supplied.

Raw materials


The aluminium processed by Deblick is made for us specifically at a short distance from Eindhoven. We have made the conscious decision to have a maximum percentage of recycled materials used in Deblick profiles.


We at Deblick make use of wood and board material with a quality label. All the wood used in our products originates from PEFC or FSC certified suppliers.


In order to offer customers and designers as much freedom as possible in their choice of upholstery, Deblick carries an extensive collection that can be applied to our products. Of course, all varieties in this collection were selected for their sustainability. Both the specific upholstery and the producer are assessed during the selection process.

Absorption materials

The range of absorption materials Deblick offers allows customers to achieve the best possible results with a natural source material or a source material produced with a maximum of recycled materials.


All Deblick products are produced in Eindhoven. This choice, combined with the fact that we work with suppliers from the Netherlands or other European countries, allows us to minimise our CO2 footprint.

We don’t stop there, however. We are constantly on the lookout for possibilities to further reduce the CO2 emissions of our operations. From LED lighting with motion sensors to electric vehicles, and from more efficient use of our machine pool to reducing vehicle journeys to the last kilometre.


Deblick does not really produce waste as part of its production process. Almost all our raw materials can re-enter the chain immediately. Another benefit we want to use to the fullest is the fact that we can custom produce many of our products for our customers. This allows us to minimise the amount of unused raw materials.

From coffee grounds to wood, we separate waste whenever possible and either submit it for recycling or reintroduce the waste flow into the chain.

Packaging material is given special attention in our waste flow. Firstly, we are in constant communication with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging used. Secondly, we use as little packaging for our own products as we can, and the packaging we do use is as sustainable as possible. On top of that, we bring back our packaging material if possible and reuse as much of it as we can.

Laws and regulations

It goes without saying that Deblick meets all applicable laws and regulations. We work based on the ‘what goes around comes around’ principle, in the positive sense of the phrase. If possible, we won’t just stop once we meet the minimum requirements of the legal framework, but will take things as far as possible.

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