Wall Panels

An asset to any room

When a room has hard walls and a minimalistic interior, the acoustics can suffer. By using Wall Panels, you can make a room sound and feel better, as well as give it its own identity. Wall Panels ensure that a room is completely in line with the purpose of the room, both acoustically and aesthetically. Wall Panels come in a number of standard sizes and are, as it were, a modern work of art on the wall.

Adding a Wall Panel not only allows a room to sound and feel completely different, it also gives it a different look that matches the purpose of the room.

The Great Wall

Why do you experience a room as comfortable and pleasant? Acoustics are often a forgotten factor. Without realising, sound does more than we usually think. Hard walls reflect and amplify sound waves, resulting in annoying reverberation, among other things. Whether it is a room in a brand new building or a renovation project, a Wall Panel absorbs such sound waves. This allows you to have a normal conversation again and the room has a better energy. The panels are available in various furnishings and there is plenty of opportunity to implement your own style. Wall Panels add colour to a room and significantly improve the acoustics.

Composition 43mm thick, recycled aluminium profile in accordance with EN-486.
Filling Filled with 40mm sheep's wool 4000 gr/m2, single-sided application.
Absorption Sound absorption coefficient aw 1.00 (NEN-EN-ISO 354).
Dimensions (WxH)
1200mm x 1200mm
1400mm x 1200mm
1600mm x 1200mm
1800mm x 1200mm
2000mm x 1200mm
2400mm x 1200mm
Upholstery A variety of Kvadrat upholsteries.
Createx: Visual Pattern of your choice.
Fire retardancy Createx upholstery achieves DIN EN 13501-1.
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