Our team

Accountmanager Nederland

Olivier Kuijpers

Ik ben Olivier, sinds 2023 werkzaam bij Deblick als accountmanager. Hiervoor ben ik veel onderweg, want ik reis door heel Nederland. Van het ontmoeten van gepassioneerde klanten tot het samenwerken met getalenteerde ontwerpers en architecten, elke dag brengt nieuwe uitdagingen en kansen.

Wat me echt trots maakt, is dat we bij Deblick producten hebben die overal tot hun recht komen - van kantoren tot ziekenhuizen en scholen. Het zijn niet zomaar producten, maar oplossingen die tastbaar bijdragen aan het creëren van aangenamere ruimtes om in te vertoeven. Het is fantastisch om te werken voor een bedrijf dat niet alleen esthetisch prachtige, maar ook functioneel effectieve akoestische oplossingen biedt. Bij ons hoeft het ene niet ten koste te gaan van het andere.

Project manager

Inge van Beek

In early 2023 I took up the adventure as a project manager at Deblick.
I have a very diverse role. From the moment a quotation is converted into an order, I continue to take up the project. So I make the schedules, but I also deal with preparations for production.

What really appeals to me about Deblick is that it is a production company, so you get to see the end product. In addition, the departments are in close contact, so we really function as a team. We get on well with each other and there is a great atmosphere in the office. We work towards the same goal: making high-quality products that we all support. I look forward to realising many more great projects.

Sales Assistent

Rachel van Akkerveken

My name is Rachel, I recently started working as an administrative sales assistant at Deblick. I support Martijn and Jacomien in the sales assignments. Among other things, I make sure the quotations are made and the blueprints are collected. I basically just check that everything is correct.

I have only worked here for a short time and so I learn new things every day. That makes it really fun. I was looking for a job where I could learn a lot and where I would be given responsibilities. The nice thing here is that the communication lines are short, so I can learn a lot by myself but I am also in direct contact when I have questions. That is very nice.

Assistent operations manager

Geert van Rheden

I'm Geert, I'm assistant operations manager at Deblick. That means I try to manage everything around the organisation of current orders. I am responsible for the process after something is sold. So I take care of the planning, ordering the materials all the way through to directing the assembly and watching along with the engineers. It's very broad what I do.

A lot has changed in the four years I've been here. We have worked hard and grown a lot. We have made huge strides in professionalising the process. As a result, we can produce a lot. The colleagues here are very diverse, and yet everyone gets along well. With those few people, we really produce a lot. We produce a hundred Cubes in just over three months. That also makes it really fun.

3D Design

Bram Rutten

I'm Bram, I have been working for Deblick as an Engineer for 5 years now. I translate the orders that we receive into a design, so they can be produced and go to customers. Here, I check whether it's possible what the customer wants and if we can produce it. What makes the work so special is the wide range of choices available to customers, the creativity involved and Deblick's willingness to come up with bespoke solutions.

In flat terms, we only have four variables to produce the products; aluminium, wool, plywood and textile. There are a bit more, of course, but we basically do everything with those. Four variables with a hundred thousand possibilities. So it's always puzzling; that's what makes it fun. Especially because the designs are made on the other side of the hallway. I can immediately see, hold and feel what I have come up with.

Financial Administration

Anita van den Biggelaar

I am Anita. I do financial administration and payroll. I also take on various other tasks, including facilities management. This variety keeps my work fun and challenging.

I have been working at Deblick since 2014. When I walked through the doors here, I smelled the wood, saw the materials and immediately thought: something is being made here, this is where I need to be. Beautiful products are made by a nice and friendly team with short lines of communication. In recent years, Deblick has grown a lot and we are still expanding. But the atmosphere still feels the same as when I started here. I still enjoy going to work. That is the most important thing for me!

DTP, Graphic Design & Montage

Hub Schols

I am Hub Schols, graphic designer and DTP at Deblick. I do everything related to print and client proposals. I started in 2008, as Deblick's first permanent employee. When I started, it required a lot of creative design. We sometimes had entire floors to design. Later, we moved more and more towards upholstery and Cubes. Now I mainly deal with the photos that go on the canvases.

5 years ago, I got the chance to do 50/50 design and editing. That variety is very nice. Editing is also fun for my own development; I learn a lot and become more and more proficient at it. You get to places you never go, and you see different faces all the time. I have also become more creative in solving things we encounter. Because we offer tailor-made work, it sometimes happens that the drawings are different from the location, which we often solve in the moment. I really like the fact that we offer customisation anyway, it sets Deblick apart from others and allows me to be creative.

Montage & Service

Tonnie Stafleu

I am an assembler at Deblick. So I pick up stuff here in the morning, then I go to locations and there I assemble our products neatly for our customers. I've been doing this for more than 12 years now. I've been to a huge number of places. From Groningen to Maastricht, Brussels to Cologne. In that time, I have been to many major trade fairs and countless customers.

The best part is still making people happy. When I go somewhere and I put up a wall panel, I immediately see that people are happy. It is quite special to hang something up and have it work immediately. As soon as I hang a panel on the wall, the acoustics in the room change.


Martijn Flipse

I am Martijn, co-founder of Deblick. We started beautifying indoor spaces almost 15 years ago through visual decorations, which can also be personalised. We had the idea of beautifying spaces through beautiful customised wall coverings and textiles, among other things. Initially, we were very broadly oriented. Pretty soon came the addition of acoustic absorption from sheep's wool. Sustainability has been a high priority at Deblick since the beginning.

We have grown from a project company to a production company. We now have a nice product range for acoustic applications. With our own signature: an aluminium frame, absorption inside and fabric or another material around it. Just what you want. The products we make can be customised and exude quality with durability as a starting point. It is not for nothing that our acoustic products are prescribed by architects and designers and are loved by users.

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