Light Cells Circle

Light Cells Circle

A lighting island with many possibilities

A circular yet sleek light fitting. The light fittings of our Light Cells Circle can be controlled individually or jointly. Dynamic Lighting control allows you to adjust the colour and intensity of the light.

Dynamic Lighting means that the lighting can be adjusted in terms of both intensity and warmth, thereby promoting individual well-being, mood and health. It can improve levels of concentration, safety and efficiency in the workplace or educational environments.

An aesthetic asset to any room

Circular, sleek and adaptable to the work situation. The circular shape creates a pleasant light so that your workplace becomes a place you feel comfortable and offers the tranquillity you need to be creative and productive.

A light stimulus of the senses subconsciously has a lot of influence on the well-being of people. Light makes a major contribution to this, because light offers many possibilities to create mood. Dynamic Lighting means you can control both colour temperature and intensity. If desired, daily rhythms per season or colour schemes can be set, so that your workplace contributes to your happiness at work. And like everything at Deblick, all of this can be fully customised of course.

Dimensions Ø 1240mm x 80mm
Fixture colour options RAL 7035 (Grey)
RAL 9005 (Black)
RAL 9016 (White)
Type of control A. DALI / dimmable push
B. Dynamic Lighting
Touch panel You can easily adjust the light color and intensity of the luminaires with a slider.
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