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Jansen de Jong & Hal-2

Bart Waasdorp of Hal-2 relates the following: ‘Janssen de Jong ended up coming to us because they were looking for parties that could translate their vision on circularity and sustainability into a workable and inspiring interior for the new working environments in Arnhem and Utrecht.

You can only achieve a sustainable interior through successful cooperation with the client as well as the executing parties, such as Deblick, and in this way achieve these high ambitions.’

Circular Products

Derk Bos of Deblick: ‘We supply locally produced, circular and sustainable products in which we also achieve the acoustic objectives that are so important for a workable interior design.’

Waasdorp: ‘Deblick is open to new ideas and techniques and really gives great consideration to acoustics, which is also reflected in many of our projects. They produce – among other things – cubes from sustainable sheep’s wool, recycled aluminium and the latest fittings.

It is also important for us and the customer to know where the products come from; they must not only look good, but also be of good quality and made from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials. Flexibility is another condition, and Deblick had the exact combination which was so important
in the Janssen de Jong project.’

Deblick Makes the Motto ‘from spaces to places’ a Reality

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