Work Space Divider Deblick

Work Space Divider

Focused and undisturbed

The Work Space Dividers give every professional, for example in a call centre, a fully shielded workplace with all the privacy and tranquillity needed to work in peace. Thanks to the unique coupling system, our Work Space Dividers are easy to expand and move.

The added advantage is that the spatial effect and the visibility of colleagues are preserved, so that you remain connected with each other while enjoying a completely private workplace at the same time. 


Empowering professionals

As a professional, you want to experience energy and inspiration in your work environment. This includes moments of rest and attention to be able to do your work well. Our Work Space Dividers provide increased shielding in large open spaces, giving you the opportunity to work without being disturbed.

The acoustic elements in the Work Space Dividers ensure that ambient noise is reduced and that you have your own workplace with privacy. Now you can continue to work, have an online meeting or listen to a podcast without being hindered by others.

In addition, all colleagues benefit from greater acoustic comfort thanks to the dampening effect of the screens. The Work Space Dividers are suitable for any desk, are easy to install and offer maximum comfort. Mounting them to or on your desk is quick and easy and you will instantly experience increased privacy and improved acoustics.

Silence is golden

Since we pay a lot of attention to design, Work Space Dividers also boost the perceived quality of the room itself. We supply Work Space Dividers in any desired style, colour or design, compatible with any desk. This results in a balanced office space. An office space that ensures that people can focus on their work and reflects the identity of an organisation. For example, you fully integrate your company’s corporate identity into the interior. So not only do you experience the tranquillity, but you create the desired appearance at the same time.

Composition 50mm thick, recycled aluminium in accordance with profile and EN-486.
Filling Filled with sheep's wool 15mm 1500 gr/m2, double sided.
Sound absorption Sound absorption coefficient aw 1,00 per side (NEN-EN-ISO 354).
Dimensions Adapted to the size of your workstation. Please contact us for more information.
Upholstery A variety of Kvadrat upholsteries.
Createx: Visual or pattern of your choice.
Fire retardancy Createx upholstery achieves DIN EN 13501-1.
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