Whiteboard Modul

Wonderful Whiteboards

Depressing meeting rooms and bulky flip charts that get in the way: a productive work session requires an inviting and inspiring space. A Whiteboard Modul is the solution for this. The outer panels create a pleasant atmosphere and improve acoustics, while the middle panel acts as an integrated whiteboard. Not only is this combination useful for companies, but also for primary schools and universities, for example. If you organise a lot of workshops or training courses and you already use a whiteboard for this, participants and students will be pleasantly surprised with this triptych. It is pleasing to the eye, provides a pleasant work climate and makes for a professional setting.

We can adapt the Whiteboard Modul in accordance with your wishes or corporate identity. The panels fit on any surface and create a better match between the atmosphere and functionality of a room. Who wouldn’t want to increase productivity if it’s that easy to achieve? The price-quality ratio will surprise you.

Wonderful Whiteboards

Multifunctional combination: an aesthetic and functional addition to the room

The Whiteboard Modul is the ideal combination for pleasant acoustics and a productive work session. The Whiteboard Modul consists of three panels. The panels create a pleasant atmosphere and improve acoustics, while the middle panel also acts as an integrated whiteboard.

Brainstorming and sketching plans never were so effective as with this perfect combination. Not only does the triptych improve the acoustics, it is functional as well. Write out your plans on the whiteboard or hang up a work rota with magnets. Plan your activities and write them all on the whiteboard. This whiteboard is the perfect addition to an Agile work environment.

Composition 43mm thick, recycled aluminium profile in accordance with EN-486.
Filling Filled with 40mm sheep's wool 4000 gr/m2, single-sided application.
Absorption Sound absorption coefficient aw 1.00 (NEN-EN-ISO 354).
Dimensions Wall Systems Whiteboard consists of three panels: 2 Wall Panels and 1 Whiteboard.
1200mm x 1800mm
Upholstery A variety of Kvadrat upholsteries.
Createx: Visual, 100% polyester with fire-retardant coating.
Fire retardancy Createx upholstery achieves DIN EN 13501-1.
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