Light Cells Square, kantoorverlichting

Light Cells Square

A lighting element with many possibilities

Dynamic Lighting, such as the Light Cells Square and Light Cells Circle options offer the solution for many areas, including shiftwork areas or workplaces with low levels of daylight. Think of healthcare and industry. Results include prevention of depression, reduced levels of fatigue, maximising focus and energy, employee motivation, increased alertness and increased productivity.

These LED lighting elements have been specially designed as a basis for contemporary interior architecture. The Light Cells provide an optimal light experience in indoor spaces that gives the user energy and comfort. (Photo credit: Smits Interieur Architectuur)

Affects human mood

Square, sleek and adaptable to the work situation. The square shape creates a pleasant light so that your workplace becomes a place you like to go to and offers the tranquillity you need to be creative and productive. The shape offers a wide variety of flexible lighting options. Our Deblick advisors will be happy to tell you about the possibilities.


Dimensions (WxHxD)
750mm x 750mm x 100mm
750mm x 2150mm x 100mm
1450mm x 1450mm x 100mm
1450mm x 2850mm x 100mm
2150mm x 2150mm x 100mm
2150mm x 3550mm x 100mm
Fixture colour options RAL 7035 (Grey)
RAL 9005 (Black)
RAL 9016 (White)
Type of control A. DALI / dimmable push
B. Dynamic Lighting
From spaces to places