Light Dots

Gives the user energy and comfort

The circular design with warm light creates a more homely atmosphere. The Light Dots are available in three sizes or as a six-pack, in which 6 light fittings illuminate the room like a modern chandelier.

A stimulus of the senses subconsciously has a lot of influence on the well-being of people. Light makes a major contribution to this, because light offers many possibilities to create mood. Deblick is always on top of the latest interior trends and we ensure a pleasant work climate. This way you benefit twice; a nice climate and a splendid space. Combine that with an excellent price/quality ratio and your workspace will be a guaranteed success.

A circular and warm light fitting

Both the shape and the 2700K lighting make the Dot a warmer light fitting. This light fitting is often used in a room to create tranquillity. Examples include a canteen, reading table or catering establishment.

Dimensions Small: Ø 350mm, H= 155mm
Medium: Ø 480mm, H= 180mm
Large: Ø 600mm, H= 220mm

A fixture that combines 6 fixtures; 2 of each size.
Dimension: Ø 3130 mm, height is variable.
Fixture colour options RAL 7035 (Grey)
RAL 9005 (Black)
RAL 9016 (White)
Type of control Dot Small, Medium, Large: choice between Phase dimmable and Dali Dim.
Sixpack is phase dimmable by default.
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