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About us

Spaces in which people spend time must be in perfect harmony.

Deblick creates this harmony in the form of the right acoustics and lighting and offers modular spaces in which you can either concentrate or, on the other hand, communicate.

Deblick is based in the Netherlands. It develops and produces innovative products for national and international partners, runs a circular business practice and makes conscious choices when it comes to sustainable raw materials and product compositions.

Deblick develops and produces in-house, thereby guaranteeing quality.

‘Agile working’ has become indispensable in today’s work environment, which is why the acoustic range is now available with an integrated whiteboard. This combination enables Deblick to offer the optimal ‘scrum’ environment.

Deblick offers a flexible line of Space Dividers that allows you to quickly and easily create a mobile partition in any environment. Sound-absorbing properties are supplemented by whiteboards and are freely movable or mobile within the room.

Deblick has developed a new range of Wall Panels, in which you determine the composition yourself in terms of size, colour, upholstery and writeable parts.

Thanks to our network in the architecture market, interior market and design market, products from our range are used for a wide variety of purposes. The sales market can be divided into the Building Market and the Office Furniture Market, for both national and international customers. Within these markets, we supply products or ranges that can be customised according to made-to-measure projects.

Raw materials are produced and processed sustainably, preferably with the largest possible contents of recycled components. Not only do we expect this working method from our employees, but also from our suppliers and customers, so that we can jointly build a sustainable and circular economy and environment. In order to have ourselves independently assessed and thus improve our CSR results, we have been working with EcoVadis since 2020. We are therefore proud to have been rated with a gold medal. More information about our rating and how we achieved it can be found here.

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