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From spaces to places

Rooms in which people stay must be optimally balanced, Deblick provides this balance in the form of the right acoustics and lighting and creates modular spaces in which you can concentrate or give space to communicate.

Deblick is based in the Netherlands, develops and produces innovative products for national and international partners, works in a circular way and makes conscious choices when it comes to sustainable raw materials and product compositions.

Deblick supplies acoustic products, LED products and modular spaces.

Deblick develops and produces in-house. That way we can guarantee the quality of our products.

‘Agile working’ can not be ignored in the contemporary working environment, which is why our acoustic collection is now available with an integrated whiteboard. Through this combination, Deblick can offer the optimal ‘scrum’ environment.

Deblick has a flexible line with Space Dividers that allows you to create a free-standing separation quickly and easily within any environment. Sound-absorbing properties are supplemented with whiteboards and are freely movable or mobile in the room.

Deblick has developed a new collection of Wall Panels, in which you determine the composition in terms of size, color, upholstery and writable parts.

From the need for flexible spaces to make a quiet phone call, to have a video call or to hold a meeting, Deblick has developed a program of innovative modular spaces (Cubes). These spaces are being used for concentrated calling / working and make a group session possible in a lively environment. For these different functions, 6 different modular spaces have been developed, which can be composed of a range of colors, upholstery and writable parts.


Through our network in the architecture, interior and design market, the products from the various collections are applied.

The sales market can be divided into the ‘Building Market’ and the ‘Office Furniture Market’ for both national and international customers.

Within these markets we deliver products or collections that can be processed custom-made in a made-to-measure project.


Deblick has the task to ensure a healthy world. Raw materials are produced and processed in a sustainable way, preferably with the largest possible recycled component. We expect this approach not only from employees, but also from suppliers and customers, so that we can jointly build a sustainable and circular economy and environment.

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From spaces to places