Wall Systems

Absorbs annoying sound waves and significantly improves the acoustics in a room

Hard walls reflect and amplify sound waves, resulting in annoying reverberation. Such sound waves are absorbed by covering one of the walls with a wall system. A full wall system means you can have a pleasant conversation again and the room has a better energy. The panels are available in various designs and there is plenty of opportunity to implement your own style.

The Great Wall

Why do you experience a room as comfortable and pleasant? Acoustics are often a forgotten factor. Without realising, sound does more than we usually think. Whether it is a room in a brand-new building or a renovation project, a wall system absorbs unwanted sound waves. This allows you to have a normal conversation again and the room has a better energy. The panels can be delivered in various designs and images, so you can select your own style. Wall Systems add colour to a room and significantly improve the acoustics.

Like everything else Deblick supplies, both the acoustic wall panels and the acoustic wall systems can be made to measure.

Composition 43mm thick, recycled aluminum profile according to EN-486.
Absorption Sound absorption coefficient aw 1.00 (NEN-EN-ISO 354).
Dimensions Made to measure up to the maximum width or height of 3000 mm.
Filling Filled with 40mm sheep's wool 4000 gr / m2, applied on one side.
Upholstery Createx: Visual or color or pattern of your choice.
Fire delay Upholstery Createx achieves DIN EN 13501-1.
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