Whiteboard Elements

Compile your own whiteboard. Not a standard solution, but an acoustic whiteboard according to your wishes. Our Whiteboard Elements can be adjusted according to preference. You can use all your creativity in this, making it a seamless fit to your workplace, office environment or situation.

Brainstorming and sketching plans never were so effective as with this perfect combination. Create your own product by compiling it yourself. Like almost everything at Deblick, our Whiteboard Elements can be designed according to personal preference. Write out your sprint planning or plans on the whiteboard or hang up a work rota with magnets. The possibilities are endless.

Composition The writing boards are made of ceramic steel, with a thickness of 9.3 mm. Magnetic mounts are used to fix the boards to the wall.
Dimensions (WxH)
Stand-alone Boards: 1180 x 1700mm
Middle Boards: 1180 x 1700mm
Edge Boards: 1180 x 1700mm

Stand-alone Boards: 1180 x 2200mm
Middle Boards: 1180 x 2200mm
Edge Boards: 1180 x 2200mm
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